It's hard to beat a pair of grey, made in U.S.A. New Balance sneakers, which is exactly why people get hyped whenever the 997 returns. We saw it happen in 2014, when the 997 came back in its original form for the first time since 1991, and again last year when it re-released with a few tweaks. Now, for 2016, the brand is doing something unexpected with the silhouette.

It's bringing back the 997.5, a model that fuses the upper of the 997 with the midsole of the 998 and is best known for its United Arrows collaboration that was once one of Kanye West's favorite sneakers. During that run, the 997.5 saw a number of nice collaborations, but there was just one drawback: they were all made in China. 

That changes with the release of the 997.5 GR, as the O.G. colorway lands on the hybrid model and is made in the U.S. for the first time ever. These can be found right now from spots like Feature for $210, and you can get a closer look at the details below.

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