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Lots of history was made in the NBA last night, and sneaker brands were present and ready to capture the moment. With Klay Thompson playing an instrumental role in the Golden State Warriors' record setting season, Anta was prepared in advance with a KT1 colorway to celebrate the moment. Wear Testers was lucky enough to get a pair, and took to its site to provide a detailed look at the "73 Wins" KT1.

At first glance, this colorway appears to be another PE, but a closer look reveals "73" on the outsoles and right tongue. If you were on the market for any of Thompson sneakers, it would be tough enough to here in the states, but this pair will be even harder to get than most. According to Wear Testers, only three pairs were made, which have been claimed by them, the brand, and Thompson. No word on if Anta plans to produce more in the future, or maybe they'll wait to see if a "Championship" colorway needs to be made.