Although his name may not top celebrity sneakerhead lists, John Mayer is one of the biggest footwear enthusiasts you'll find. No, he doesn't flex on social media very often—he's more likely to show off a pricey timepiece or a rare guitar than a pair of kicks—but he's been doing this long before it became a trend. With that in mind, it's safe to say he's something of an authority on the subject, but we can't quite decide if this idea he shared on Snapchat is genius or straight up absurd. 

In a Snapchat story that was spotted by GQ, Mayer proposed the concept of what he calls "the middle shoe," an extra, unwearable sneaker that would be sold alongside the pair's traditional left and right shoes. The idea here is that sneakerheads would be able to beat up their cherished pairs with no Fs given because they'd have an extra shoe stashed away strictly for display purposes.

"You're wearing the left and the right, they get sullied, they get dirty. But the middle one is always the one you get to put away and show that you had that shoe, you collected that shoe," Mayer said.

Sure, it might not be the most realistic invention, but something like this could do wonders for those 'heads who just can't bring themselves to wear certain pairs. Would you cop?