John Geiger is much more than a former Nike designer and manager to NFL player Darrelle Revis — he is a true artist. With recent works like the "Misplaced Checks" series, "Lux Force 1," and a bronze-dipped Air Jordan III, there's no question he has a lot to offer the sneaker industry. Geiger told first told us he was working on his own signature sneaker in an exclusive interview back in August and now a small glimpse is available.

Geiger took to Instagram to share the final sole design for his upcoming sneaker, the John Geiger Model 001. Aiming to be the medium between high end and streetwear, the all-original design of the Model 001 sole features tread outsole and an air bladder for comfort.


Make sure to follow @johngeigercollection as the full sneaker is to be unveiled soon and stay posted to Complex Sneakers for a better look and release information in the future.

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