There are a ton of sneakerheads who fancy themselves pioneers of the culture, but when it really comes down to the O.G.s of the O.G.s, you won't find many people who have been doing this longer than Bobbito Garcia

With that in mind, we were pretty shocked to find out that the Where'd You Get Those? author only keeps a few pairs of shoes in his stash. "I have three pairs, the rest go out," Garcia told Footwear News, explaining that he'd rather donate to nonprofits like Hoops 4 Hope in South Africa than build a collection. 

Don't get it twisted—he's still very much a sneakerhead, and says that we're actually living in the golden age of sneakers right now. "Today is the best era of sneakers because you have more models, more brands, more colors, more shops," Garcia said.

Be sure to check out Bobbito's latest Por Fin collaboration with Piola (pictured below) releasing on May 5, and head over to Footwear News to read the full interview now.

Image via Charles Roussel/Footwear News