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Klay Thompson got off to a somewhat of a bumpy start with his Anta sneakers, but the Golden State Warriors' All-Star guard has been wearing them comfortably ever since, and now we have a look at the pairs he'll lace up during the upcoming NBA Playoffs. Thebasketballshoes took to Instagram to give us a first look look at what is perceived to be the home and away versions.

We're used to seeing brands create a whole new sneaker for the playoffs, but Anta opted to stick with the KT1, and apply new playoff colorways. As expected, these dress up his fist signature sneakers in Warriors' blue and gold, which will be featured prominently on his feet when his team looks to chase its second straight title. According to thebasketballshoes, these retail for just $77 USD, but look to be targeting the Chinese market. This price is well below most signature sneakers from other brands, but no word on whether they'll get a U.S. release.