As the saying goes, "its only worth what people will pay for it," and apparently the "Wings" Air Jordan XIIs are worth a lot. Limited to only 12,000 pairs Nike raffled off the sneakers this morning using its The Draw system. While many sneakerheads were left high and dry without a pair, some were lucky enough to win. Naturally, some winners turn into resellers, and buyer offer up hoping its enough to win the seller over. Well, some potential buyers are going above and beyond for their pair.

One pair listed on eBay, has 99 bids with the highest offer at $70,100. Yes, you read that right. And get this– if you win the auction, you still have to pay another $17 in shipping. While these crazy bids are more than likely a troll move by a couple eBay users, the "Wings" XIIs are actually selling for about $1000.

Take a look at the crazy high eBay auction here and offer up if you dare. Or do the sensible thing and settle for a pair of "Playoff" XIIs.