When will sneaker brands learn that adidas is not going to let blatant imitations slide?

Coming on the heels of lawsuits against Skechers and APL, adidas is now taking issue with Danish brand Ecco and its Three Stripe-like branding. According to adidas, ECCO's infringing designs are "irreparably harming adidas's brand and its extremely valuable Three-Stripe Mark," reports KOIN.

Ecco is best known for its golf footwear, but its offerings also include lifestyle shoes and accessories. adidas claims that the parallel three and four-stripe branding found on many of Ecco's shoes is too similar to its famous Three Stripes logo. Furthermore, the lawsuit says that Ecco signed a settlement agreement in 2010 and again in 2013 that said it would not infringe on adidas' branding. 

Take a look at a sampling of Ecco's infringing footwear below and click here to read the lawsuit in full. 

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