Many homeless children in Houston are enjoying brand new sneakers for the very first time after a group of volunteers took them shoe shopping.

Houston Chronicle reports that roughly 70 homeless children went shopping for new sneakers yesterday as part of a local nonprofit's "New Year, New Shoes" event. Children from Star of Hope, the biggest homeless shelter in the Houston area, were taken to Sports Authority by volunteers from the shelter's Trees of Hope initiative, where they were then allowed to browse the shelves and pick up some valuable budgeting lessons along the way.

"There were a number of cute circumstances. The kids were generally given a budget broken down by age groups, up to $115 for the older kids. Some of them would get a really nice pair of shoes and less expensive socks," Trees of Hope executive director Ruth Githumbi said.

The children later showed their appreciation by writing thank-you notes to the volunteers. "I'm so thankful for your generosity for the shoes. You didn't have to do this for us, but you did it out of the kindness of your heart, and for that I'm blessed and so are you," a child wrote.

We can all probably learn a thing or two from this.