For runners of the world, no name embodies performance innovation more than Diadora. The European-based footwear and sportswear company understands that running is more than a hobby, it is a passion—a calling, even. That is why the brand continually devotes its resources to developing the best footwear technology and implementing it in the highest-quality running shoes available.

To celebrate the launch of the new N9000 ITA, Diadora recently decided to choose one lucky customer to have their sneaker order hand-delivered in a very unique way. To execute this truly special delivery, the company solicited the help of runners from 10 different countries to take part in an amazing relay run that would bring this very special pair of sneakers directly to the customer’s door. In all, this epic network spanned nearly 1500 kilometers (that’s more than 900 miles for you Americanos), beginning at Diadora’s headquarters in Caerano di San Marco, Italy, and concluding at the customer’s front door in Barcelona, Spain. During their runs, each person who took part in relaying the prized shoebox wore a pair of N4100 Bright—one of the most competitive products in Diadora’s running catalog, which features 3M reflective inserts to make the wearer visible in the dark. While runners were “backstage” and off-duty, they also sported some of Diadora’s other top-notch sportswear, apparel, and shoes, including the N9000 ITA, N9000 MM Bright, the N92, and Game L Low Waxed.

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