Time and time again, NikeLab comes out of left field with premium executions of unexpected sneakers. For example, the NikeLab takes on the Zoom Elite 8 runner and Free Trainer 1.0 were releases we definitely didn't see coming, and now it's up to its usual tricks by bringing back one of the most innovative runners of the late '90s.

The NikeLab Zoom Talaria will mark this sneaker's first release since a modified retro run in 2014. Based on this teaser image, it isn't quite clear if we'll be getting the O.G. 1997 design or the slightly revamped 2014 version, but either way, this looks promising. Nike even went full-retro by bringing back the 1-800 number ad from the '90s, and you can actually call it to hear a recording from designer Tinker Hatfield.

The Talaria gets its name from Roman mythology, where it represents winged sandals worn by gods and goddesses. Meanwhile, the sneaker was noteworthy for introducing full length, bottom-loaded Zoom Air cushioning, which you can hear more about from Hatfield himself by calling the number above. 

According to Hatfield's message, the NikeLab Zoom Talaria will release on March 31. Check back soon for updates.