As any seasoned sneakerhead will attest, the only thing more deflating than seeing that "out of stock" message on a Saturday morning is thinking your order went through successfully and then getting hit with a cancelation email days later. We've all been there, and more often than not, it means that you're left completely empty handed while your funds sit in pre-authorization limbo for up to week. If you've felt this pain, you'll be thrilled to know that Nike's finally doing something about it.

Following last weekend's "The Master" Air Jordan XII sell out, a number of customers had their orders canceled due to overselling. In the past, this would result in nothing more than an apology and perhaps a negligible discount code, but this time around, Nike's going the extra mile to keep sneakerheads happy.

Several people have posted screenshots like the one pictured below, which offers the opportunity to reserve the upcoming "French Blue" Jordan XII retro as a consolation along with a 20 percent discount code. While this may not do much to soften the blow of missing out on "The Master" XIIs, it looks like Nike may have found a way to keep disgruntled customers coming back for more.