As his NBA legacy winds to a close, Kobe Bryant has been giving back to the game by hooking players around the league up with game-worn and autographed sneakers. From Bryant's friendly rivals like LeBron James to "the best defender" he's ever faced (Kobe's own words) in Tony Allen, the Black Mamba has been quite generous during his farewell tour. And if you're wondering how Kobe always seems to have enough pairs on hand to satisfy the throngs of sneaker-seeking fans who wait outside of his locker room, we've got the answer.

Bryant tells ESPN that he comes to road games prepared, arriving with as many as seven pairs of sneakers in tow at once. On average, Bryant estimates that he brings around five pairs to each game, and says he's probably given at least 30 pairs away already this season—some of which ended up with players from other sports and even young fans

"Generally guys that got the cojones to ask, I give it to them. I've got plenty of them back there, so I'm not going to run out, so it's all good," Bryant said. 

There are only four Lakers road games left this season, so if you're hoping to score a pair of Kobe's kicks before it's all said and done, it sounds like all you need to do is ask.