Earlier this week, we reported that sneakerheads had been camped out for days at Los Angeles' Shoe Palace in hopes of buying the new Yeezy Boosts despite the fact that the store said it wouldn't be getting them next week. Since then, we've been able to confirm that there is no Yeezy Boost release happening at all this month, and last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian cracked a few jokes at the expense of the misguided campers.

Using the above clip from Fox 11 in his montage, Kimmel compared the scene to something one might see in a Donald Trump campaign ad. "For sure you might not be getting them, or you might not be getting them for sure?," Kimmel said, poking fun at a store manager's comments. "Either way, it's time very well spent. Can you imagine having three weeks to sit out in front of a shoe store to get a pair? Oh you can? Alright, never mind."

You can watch last night's episode here. The Yeezy segment begins right around the seven minute mark.