A teenager was robbed while shopping for sneakers over the weekend—and no, we don't mean by copping from a reseller.

NJ.com reports that a 16-year-old Newark, N.J., student was browsing the sneakers at Newport Centre Mall's Kids Foot Locker when he was approached by a man said to be in his 30s. The man then asked the teen if he was looking for a certain pair of shoes, and apparently the victim said he wanted Nike Kobe XIIIs—despite the fact that they don't yet exist, and probably won't for a couple more years.

It gets weirder. The police report says the man told the teen he could get the Kobe XIIIs, so the two walked down to a nearby Jimmy Jazz location where the perp was able to convince the teen to buy two pairs of Air Jordans and a pair of Kobe sneakers that rang up to a total of $536. The victim was not able to withdrawal the money from an ATM, so he got it from his mother.

As you might be expecting, this is where things go awry. After obtaining the cash, the victim and perp stopped to count the money, and that's right when the suspect grabbed the cash and ran off. Police are now searching for the man, who was missing teeth and wearing dark clothing and tan Timberlands.