From the Grammy's to Saturday Night Live, Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller has been everywhere lately. During his appearance on SNL, Miller managed to get a pair of adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts autographed by the man himself, Kanye West. It made for quite the Instagram stunt, and Miller says he actually plans to wear them, but we're now learning that the sneakers almost never got signed in the first place. 

Today, Miller was a guest on ESPN's Russillo & Kanell, and explained the struggle he went through to get the Boosts signed. "Initially, I had sent the shoe over there with the host who had me on Saturday Night Live. She took it over there, and it got denied," Miller said. "It took about 45 minutes before I got the shoe back. She was like, 'Something happened where I couldn’t get the shoe signed.' I was like, 'Ah, I'm going to go over there personally and get the shoe signed.'"

And that's exactly what he did. The Super Bowl champ took matters into his own hands and approached Kanye with the 750s, but quickly realized he forgot something. "I was like, 'You got a Sharpie?' I asked him if he had a Sharpie, and Kanye had a look on his face like, 'Come on.' I was like, 'OK, let me hurry back and run back,'" Miller said, adding that one of his biggest pet peeves is when fans who ask for autographs are unprepared. Now, the tables were turned. 

Luckily for Miller, Kanye hung around until the time the linebacker returned with a marker, although Miller admits he probably wouldn't have done the same: "I thought he was going to leave, because that’s what I probably would have did. I probably would have snuck off. But he stayed there and he signed the autograph for me."