Earlier today, we hipped you to an upcoming auction for the only known pair of Michael Jordan's game-worn Air Jordan VIs from the 1991 NBA Playoffs in existence, and now we're taking another trip down memory lane with a look at actual footage of MJ and designer Tinker Hatfield working on the iconic sneaker.

In this incredible 1991 Nike promo video that recently found its way onto YouTube and was discovered by blogger Gary Warnett (who you should already be following on Instagram, by the way), you'll see Jordan and Hatfield sit down to discuss the finer points of the sneaker that MJ would go on to win his first NBA championship in.

After seeing an illustration of the Air Jordan VI for what was presumably the first time, Jordan tells Hatfield he wants to move away from the toe cap overlay on the Air Jordan V and change to a "clear toe." The designer agrees, saying, "That's part of our whole thing with you, too, is not only does it work better, but it always looks [better]."

As we know, Jordan got his wish, and the next few Air Jordan sneakers all featured the capless toe at his request. It wasn't until the Air Jordan X that the problem arose again, but that's another story for another day. 

The Air Jordan segment begins right around the 13-minute mark in the clip above, but the whole thing is definitely worth watching.