Every great hoops star needs a nickname. Black Mamba. CP3. King James. Hell, even Big Baby is a good one. So how is it that one of the greatest in the game, Russell Westbrook, still doesn't have one? That’s ridiculous.  

Maybe it’s time to rectify this injustice. Let’s give this a whirl:

“Best in the West?” Meh. Too vanilla.

“Trusty Russ?” Snooze.

“Beast Mode?” Already taken.

Hm. Maybe this is harder than it looks.

Okay, to get some inspiration, let’s break down Westbrook himself. Off the court, he’s known for being a chill, soft-spoken dude. But once he gets in the game, he basically transforms into a ferocious beast, dominating the ball and those around him. It’s almost like he’s a…a…

Wait a second. We might have something here.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the five-time All-Star point guard from OKC…


Now, that’s pretty sick.

You can check out Russ and his brand new nickname in the new Jordan Brand spot—complete with howling sound effects and all. 

Oh, and no need to thank us, WestWolf. You earned this name all by yourself.