In recent weeks, we've seen some pretty crazy Nike lifestyle sneakers like the Marxman and Zoom NovaDome, but it looks like that's only the beginning of the brand's upcoming fashion-inspired silhouettes.

Previewed here is a model that's being called the Nike Swoosh Hunter. As if the name itself wasn't already intriguing enough, the design is a pretty huge departure from what we're used to seeing from the Sportswear division. For starters, the upper looks like something straight off of the New York Fashion Week runway, with an avant-garde shape and an oversized ankle strap. Down low, an exposed midsole cage adds to the futuristic vibes.

Based on the info floating around on social media, the Swoosh Hunter is set for a limited release soon with a price of $400 AUD, which converts to right around $284. While we await more info, check out two colorways you can expect.



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