Months ago, we tipped you off that Nike was going to drop a Flyknit Racer in a colorway that was very reminiscent of the hyper-limited "USA" NRG release from the 2012 Olympics. It's been awhile since then, but we're happy to report that these poor man's 'USA" Racers are just around the corner.

These "Blue Glow" a.k.a. "Marathon Blue" Racers aren't identical to the "USA" version, but they're damn close. Differences include the pattern of the Flyknit itself and the absence of contrasting red Flywire on the medial side. They also lack the "USA" script at the tongue, but these are definitely as close as many of us are going to come to the "Olympic" look for now. 

Priced at $150, these Flyknit Racers are now available from retailers like Foot Locker.