Thanks to his upcoming Nike training sneaker and flex-worthy moments like rocking fragment x Jordan 1s on stage, Kevin Hart's stock is rising quickly with sneakerheads. Still, despite the buzz, there are some kicks that still elude the comedian to this very day. 

Vogue recently caught up with Hart to talk all things footwear and asked him which sneakers he's having trouble tracking down.

"The [Air Jordan X] OVOs," Hart said, going to to explain that he does own a pair of the coveted "White" OVO XIIs. "They just came out in black and Drake is being a jerk. I don't like to use my relationships to get them, but I'm going to have to get those."

While Hart's info isn't 100 percent accurate — the "Black" OVO x Jordan Xs actually haven't released to the public yet — we have to give him some serious props for keeping it real and admitting that he might need to put in a call for these.

As for his entire collection, Hart estimates that he's up to around 500 or 600 pairs, although there was a moment when he was rocking a pair of "Red October" Yeezy IIs that he had to step back and look at the big picture.

"A lot of people didn't know they glow in the dark. The red sole clashes with the sneaker, and one night when I wore them I saw the red glow," Hart said. "I was 35 and saying, 'Did you see my sneaks glowing?' That's when I had to re-evaluate what's important."

You can read the whole profile over at Vogue now.