We've already seen some great sneakers in 2016, but not many of them have managed to capture attention the way the "Beach" Just Don x Air Jordan II did. Sneakerheads lined up days in advance just for a chance to cop them, and one dude even paid his uncle to camp out. 

With this in mind, it shouldn't come as much of a shock that the Just Don x Jordan IIs are making a killing on the resell market. That's a given, right? Instead, what's surprising is the exact figure that people are willing to spend. One of NYC's premier consignment stores, Stadium Goods, has the kicks up for sale for a cool $1,400 a pop.

That's more than double the sneaker's retail price, which was already higher than usual at $650 due to their special packaging and co-branded hat. All of a sudden, the guy who paid his uncle to camp doesn't seem so foolish after all. 

Still on the hunt for your Just Dons? You know where to cop them. Head over to Stadium Goods now.