Stephen Curry is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular basketball players in the world right now, and that means his sneakers are a hot commodity these days. We already know Under Armour has been making lots of money from its partnership with him, but others are now cashing in on Curry memorabilia, too. Recently, a patch from one of his game-worn sneakers auctioned off for $4250 on eBay.

We're used to seeing game-worn sneakers fetch thousands of dollars, but just a small piece of them is not something that you see every day. The auction lists the year of these being worn as 2013, and a close look at the patch reveals that it is likely part of a PE Under Armour Anatomix Spawn. If a piece if his game-worn sneakers pre-championship and MVP are going for this much, we can only imagine how much Curry 1s or 2s will cost.