Over the last few years, the "Shadow" Air Jordan 1 has gone from sales rack fodder to one of the most sought after pairs of Js on the secondary market. Back in the summer of 2013, they dropped in true O.G. High form, but they also released on the very same day as the "Toro" Jordan IVs. Trends were a bit different then — the "All-Red" craze was very much still a thing — and the IVs managed to overshadow (no pun intended) the 1s. Since then, the price on the "Shadow" 1s has skyrocketed, putting them well out of the reach of many sneakerheads. Thankfully, Jordan Brand has heard your pleas, and it's bringing the "Shadow" 1s back — sort of.

Although they're not the O.G. leather version, these "Shadow" Jordan 1 KOs aren't a bad consolation​ prize by any means. The KOs swap the leather for canvas and are capped off with a different outsole, but at the end of the day, they're still "Shadow" Jordans, and they're closer to the original look than the recently released Lows

The Air Jordan 1 KO "Shadow" will drop this weekend on February 6 in men's sizes for $140 via Nike.com and select Jordan Brand retailers. Official images follow below.