The Air Jordan XXX was finally unveiled last week, and although the sneaker has yet to be released, its designer says the next one is already in the books.

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with Tinker Hatfield, who dropped some major news regarding the future of the Air Jordan line. According to Hatfield, the Air Jordan 31 has already been designed the brand is now hard at work on the Air Jordan 32. 

"When we look at projects, they often are not islands. They're connected to — sometimes maybe something in the past — but more often, they're our stepping stones to another place in the future," Hatfield said. "So basically, the [Air Jordan] 31 is already designed. The 32 has already been started."

Although we're still at least another year away from seeing the sneakers in question, this should be reassuring to anyone who was disappointed after hearing that the design and production of the Air Jordan XXX was faced with major time constraints. Stay tuned, this sounds promising already.

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