The word “iconic,” especially when it pertains to sneakers, should be eliminated from the English vocabulary. It often gets thrown around too loosely and legendary status gets applied to shoes that no one wanted 10 years ago. But there are a few footwear choices that won’t waver in their popularity, no matter how much trends change over time.

Converse’s Chuck Taylor has been around since 1917 and the Stan Smith is adidas’ best-selling sneaker ever. That’s for good reason: the brands got the sneakers right the first time around and haven’t changed much since. In fact, there’s only a select few designs that deserve to be purchased time and time again. To make things simpler for everyone and to set the record straight on which shoes actually deserve the label of being iconic, here are 10 Sneakers You Must Have in Your Collection.

Thanks to Stadium Goods for providing sneakers for the shoot.