Nike can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to introducing actual new sneaker models. To me, they always end up looking a little too futuristic or advanced when all we really want is a nice casual shoe we can wear with jeans. We don't need any super wild technology, as long as they're comfortable and look pretty clean. Which is why I'm surprised that I like this new silhouette called the "Darwin." It's sort of a mixture between the Presto (which is great) and a Roshe (which are unequivocally garbage as you already know). Based on advanced sneaker math, it makes sense that it's much better than a Roshe, but not quite as good as a Presto. It looks like a Presto went on a fast food diet after a breakup and gained a little weight to me. Add in a little influence from the recently introduced Payaa and you have yourself a kinda weird, pretty wearable shoe. It's also only $80 and comes in triple white and triple black, which are obviously the smartest colorways to introduce a new sneaker with. $80 is nothing. So it's worth at least a shot, right?