With Kanye West's Nike diss track continuing to dominate headlines, one sneakerhead has taken up the cause of trying to convince Nike to reissue the Air Yeezy 2 as a general release.

A Change.org petition was started by Dwayne Gates Jr., who thinks that giving the sneakers a mass general release would help solve problems like unauthorized replicas and sneaker violence related to the Air Yeezy 2. It's a noble effort to say the least, but unfortunately, we have a feeling that no amount of signatures is going to make Nike pull these from the vault any time soon.

It remains to be seen what will come of this, but as of publishing, the petition has amassed over 1,500 supporters. Read Gates Jr.'s statement below and then head over to Change.org if you're interested in joining the cause.

Sneakerheads have been killed over these shoes, gone into debt, have killed for these, robbed for these, bought fake versions of them, been robbed for them etc. How long must this occur. Nike can easily just produce a mass amount in each color (platinum, solar red, red October) and solve this problem. It will also help Kanye West who's been upset about how Nike wouldn't give him royalties on his shoe deal or how they wouldn't make his shoe a mass general release. We'll take one of the two requests. Please sign this petition and help bring awareness to Nike.