Last month, New Balance opened a new flagship location in Berlin (more on that here) and to mark the occasion, the brand whipped up an incredibly clean pair of made in USA 998s. 

The sneakers were shared on Instagram by Hikmet Sugoer, the man best known for being one of the co-founders of Solebox. According to Sugoer, New Balance made just 25 pairs of these 998s, which feature black, red, and gold color blocking inspired by the flag of Germany.

Before you get any bright ideas, we might as well break the bad news that you won't be able to recreate this with New Balance's NB1 customization platform. Although the 998 silhouette is offered, the vibrant gold shade of suede at the heel is not available as an option. In other words, the image above is going to have to hold you over unless you have a serious plug in Berlin.

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