We're now five days removed from the release of Kanye West's scathing Nike diss track "Facts," and 'heads still can't stop buzzing about Ye's boastful claims and the possibility of an all-out beef between adidas and Nike/Jordan. 


While LeBron James didn't have much to say about the song, there's one sneakerhead who definitely isn't holding back his feelings. Taking to Reddit, aspiring rapper Deviant Zen shared his response to "Facts," in which he laments the struggles of attempting to cop Yeezys, Kanye's promise that everyone would get them, reseller Benjamin Kicks, and much more.

Whether you agree with the sentiments here or not, this is definitely more fuel for the "Facts" fire. Will Kanye respond? Listen to the track below and scroll down to follow along with the lyrics. 


yeezy yeezy yeezy you jumped over jump man
them shits look like roshes homie what the fuck man
bro do you remember, last december when you promised
everybody would get yeezys, ah man you fucking got us
I figured out his plan though it’s simple as shit
when Ye said everyone he meant Benjamin Kicks
well his bidness is boomin
cuz that old model for the new slaves you didn’t improve it
now everyone sick your bullshit man
I don’t think that you understand
i don’t think a two, hundred dollar fucking yeezy boost
should ever fucking be confused with a grand
now I’m talking resale
but the fuccbois they forgot the details
man dont wanna drop an entire stack
just to get pirate blacks, i want to cop at retail