We aren't sure exactly when or where it started, but at some point destroying expensive sneakers became a trend that we all couldn't wait to end. While most of these stunts seemed to have been done just for exposure, someone just flipped the script and destroyed his sneakers for a good cause. Alex Walter, aka Sneakerhead in the Bay, posted a video of himself cutting his Air Jordan "Doernbecher" IIIs in half, in hopes of raising money for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

One would assume this sneaker would be worth more as a whole, but Walter explained in the video that all ad revenue from Youtube would be donated to the hospital. With his channel already having nearly 250 thousand subscribers, his plan looks like it could actually work. Walter even got in touch with Cole Johanson, who is the cancer survivor that designed the sneaker. As expected, Johanson is all for the cause and thankful for Walter's efforts. "I can see this video definitely getting a lot of exposure. I was really surprised and I think it's going to be really cool, the output of him cutting up the shoe because it's going to raise money for Doerbecher," said Johanson. While Youtube ads tend to be annoying, you can feel good watching them on this video, knowing that you're helping raise money for a good cause.