Fool boy oh boy! These Concepts x Nike Free Trainer 1.0s are fucking dope. Inspired by the way the Predator sees the world, sports science and thermal reactive materials, this sneaker features Flywire and a thermal reactive tongue. That means the tongue changes color and pattern based on the temperature of your foot. That shit is so cool. You guys remember Hypercolor shirts? Those were highly, highly covetable jawns back in my day and I’ve been chasing their dragon ever since. I want these sneakers pretty badly. I like to think I would fucking shut down the Soul Cycle class by my apartment, but I know I would just wear these with a ‘90s-era North Face shell and some tight-baggy pants while I shut down the fancy bagel and coffee shop that password protects their wi-fi, but wanted me to let them write down all of my credit card information when their payment system wasn’t working. I don't know why I still go back there.