The UK's fascination with the Nike Air Huarache is well documented, but this latest bit of news is proof that the obsession may have finally gone too far.

The Guardian reports that two members of a British terror organization used terms like "black Huaraches" and "creps" as code words for guns during Twitter exchanges that were allegedly part of a plan to commit drive-by shootings on soldiers and police officers.

The story, which was first spotted by Sneaker News, says that Suhaib Majeed and Tarik Hassane were arrested in September and October of 2014, respectively. Now, the two men are on trial and facing conspiracy to murder, preparation of terrorist acts, and firearms charges.

"This exchange, which was in coded language, is important because it related to the terror plot and suggests that there had been previous conversation about it and what was required to progress it," a prosecutor​ said.