If you were holding out hope that the Oregon Ducks' Air Jordan XIV PEs would be getting a public release, we've got some bad news.

Carlos Prieto, founder of SoleFly and brother-in-law of His Airness, took to Instagram to show off a special gift from Tinker Hatfield: the aforementioned "Oregon Ducks" XIVs, along with a detailed blueprint of the sneakers. "I was going for a classy, Ducky look," Tinker wrote, and it's safe to say he managed to pull it off with these. 

Unfortunately, there's a footnote that's bound to break at least a few hypebeast hearts. "There are only 330 pairs of these in existence," Tinker wrote. "The bulk of this limited run goes to (current) U of O football players, coaches, and support personnel. If you are not in the aforementioned group but have received a pair, you are indeed a friend of Nike/Jordan, an influencer, or have earned them in one way or another."

Welp, you heard the man. Although these are going to be nearly impossible to track down, Prieto's images give us a better idea of what these XIVs look like on-feet. Check them out below.