Jordan Brand just unveiled the Air Jordan XXX, and the sneaker's co-designers, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith, were on a stage in Chicago to talk about the design process of the shoe. At the end of the talk, Hatfield pulled out a box with a pair of sneakers that no one at Jordan Brand, sans Michael Jordan himself, had seen before.

Hatfield had a pair of "Cosmos" Air Jordan XXXs, which when talking about why they made the sneaker, he said, "We thought we’d have a little fun at [Jordan Brand President] Larry Miller’s expense."

The sneakers have a space print all over them, but a release date hasn't been established, although the Air Jordan XXX will be sold starting in February 2016.

He also went on to joke, "We’ll never get invited to do another one of these shoes after this."

We'd like to believe that things like this is why Hatfield is still around after all these years.