Times are great at Under Armour and its CEO, Kevin Plank, is reaping the rewards of its success with plans for a massive mansion in Maryland.

Back in September, news of Under Armour's plans to build its new headquarters in Baltimore's Port Covington were revealed and now, The Washington Post is reporting that Plank has submitted a permit to Baltimore County for a near 35,000 square foot home in picturesque Brooklandville which would sit on a 65-acre property he purchased in 2011. The home would be an upgrade from the 15,000 square home Plank and his family currently reside in and is slated to have eight bedrooms, a staggering 12 bathrooms, four powder rooms, an elevator, four-car garage, and an indoor pool.

But there's a problem.

Plank's potential neighbors aren't too happy with his plans. Conservationists and preservationists have long resisted housing sprawl and have voiced concerns regarding the project's impact on the environment and as well as the possibility of it setting a precedent for other wealthy folk to build in the area. To Plank's credit, he only plans to use a fraction of the land for his mansion and has plans to place an easement on the property which would maintain its open space.

“It’s just a push from every side, and this is just another push, and there will be other wealthy people following suit,” Neighbor and longtime preservationist Douglas Carroll says. “What are the limits of one person’s ability to impact a community that’s tried to orient itself around preservation and open land?”