Tinker Hatfield has been the brains behind many of the greatest Air Jordans of all-time, but when it comes to his personal favorite, the Jordan XI reigns supreme.

"Because [Michael Jordan] was retired during the design of the XI, I was really driven to put more effort than ever into the performance and innovation of that shoe," Hatfield says in the clip above, courtesy of Foot Locker. 

"The carbon fiber plate, the speed lacing system, materials that were actually lighter weight. It's my favorite shoe of all-time, and probably one of the most important performance-enhanced designs ever done for the sport," he said.

With so many potential favorites in his archives, Hatfield's fondness for the XI is a testament to the sneaker's greatness and staying power.

Don't miss them when they drop next weekend in a brand new "72-10" colorway paying tribute to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' landmark 1995-96 NBA season.