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Sports memorabilia getting auctioned off for thousands of dollars isn't rare, but seeing Under Armour kicks fetch that much cash is not very common. Stephen Curry has changed the game both on and off the court, and that means his Under Armour sneakers are worth a lot more than they were a couple of years ago. This particular pair was worn by the league MVP himself, and sold for nearly 10k in a recent auction.


Grey Flannel Auctions listed this Stephen Curry PE version of the Under Armour Clutchfit Drive starting at a minimum bid of $1,000, and they ultimately sold to the highest bidder for $10,780. This isn't just an ordinary pair of game-worm Curry sneakers though, he wore these during a 2014 playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers, while recording a near triple-double. If this is how much a playoff game-worn sneaker from 2014 goes for, we can only imagine how much a pair from this year's champion run will cost. 

Check out the listing here.