They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but who in their right mind would've ever trashed these to begin with?

A sneakerhead on Reddit just shared one of the craziest thrift store discoveries in recent memory: a pair of unreleased Reebok S. Carter Classic Low "Kanye West" samples. The price tag? A mere $20. 

Adorned with Kanye's Dropout Bear mascot at the heel, these samples of Jay-Z's largely forgettable Reebok sneaker were likely made sometime around 2003 during the S. Carter's original run and just ahead of the release of College Dropout.

Unfortunately, they never made it to production, so unless you're willing to drop some serious cash on eBay — if you can even find a pair in the first place — you'll have to pray to the thrift gods for a similar come up.