This is a rendering created by a Kobe fan. They aren’t real and most likely will never see the light of day. Unless of course bootleggers take interest and decide to make fakes.

Now that we’ve prevented any sort of confusion, artist Vincenzo Monteroso decided to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant - who announced last month that he would be retiring from the NBA after this season - and the decade’s worth of Nike signature models by designing a shoe dubbed the Nike Zoom Kobe 1-10 “Decade of Greatness.” Posting his work on Instagram for all the world to see, Monteroso would enlist the services of Jon Macapagal to render the shoe and help bring it to life. The shoe Monteroso envisions is one that encapsulates several notable colorways from each of Kobe’s signature Nike models and packages it into a design reminiscent to the aesthetic seen in “What The” and Jordan Spizike models.

Along with the rendering, Monteroso also posted a sketch of the shoe along with a breakdown of the shoe’s parts and and the models that were used for each. How many parts can you guess without looking at the rendering? And would this be something you'd like to see Nike release down the road?