Nike's heard your demands for the return of "Nike Air" branding on O.G. Air Jordan colorways, and today we're learning that the brand went to great lengths to make it a reality.

Serving as a continuation to the attention to detail introduced with this year's Retro Remaster campaign, Nike's announced what it calls "evolved" Retros, which mark the official return of "Nike Air" branding. According to Nike, Michael Jordan himself approved this update, which debuts with this weekend's "Maroon" Jordan VI launch. 

It's not only about the looks, though, and next year, the Retro Remasters will turn their attention to comfort. "While we were focused on the external appearance of the shoe and being historically accurate in year one, we are now diving into the internal part: innovation of the fit, feel and comfort of the shoes," VP of Jordan Footwear Yuron White said. 

Check out some photos of the Remastering process below, which includes matching color swatches, comparisons between O.G.s, previous Retros, and Retro Remasters, and much more, including an official look at the rumored "Black/Metallic" V release.