Nike has really been in and out with the ACG launches. They come in, build a tiny bit of hype, drop that shit and get out of there. Now, with global warming completely hindering our ability to just wear dope outerwear, we actually need pieces that will keep us dry because it's never going to snow again. It's only going to rain while its 35 degrees out, which is literally the worst weather in the world. Maybe Nike knew more than us when it came to re-launching ACG last year? Well ACG has a new collection dropping this Thursday and here's a sneak peek at what to expect. 

For the most part, it's all pretty typical ACG—waterproof materials, sealed zippers, large printed branding, hidden hoods and a solid amount of tech fleece to keep you warm. The big new addition is the sneakerboot model called the Flyknit Lupinek SFB, which is pretty diesel with the padded ankle collar and mudguard. Keep an eye out for the new drop this Thursday and set aside some of that money your mom slipped you when you left Thanksgiving that's only for "emergencies."