Today, "media" means something completely different than it did just a few years back, especially when it comes to sneakers. In the early 2000s, sneaker media consisted primarily of a tight knit group of writers with friends in high places at sneaker brands and retailers. As platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have changed the way consumers discover new styles and trends, brands have looked to experts in their respective fields to help connect with their potential customers.

Not to say that traditional media is any less important now than it was then, but these new platforms allow people to customize the way they consume information. That means "media" can also refer to people who use platforms like Snapchat or Periscope to live stream an event or document new drops. Therefore, we have taken into account things like how much access a person has, where they contribute, what companies they partner with and their personal following in order to determine The 15 Most Influential People in Sneaker Media Right Now. [Editor's note: The writer is not a Complex employee.]

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