LeBron James just signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike and with that comes the perks of being connected to the biggest sportswear and footwear company in the world. To show his connection to the brand, James laced up one of the most expensive shoes that Nike makes: the $400 Air Jordan 1 "Pinnacle" in Vachetta leather.

He didn't do this just to take a selfie in the mirror, however: with him in the photo are his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates, in which J.R. Smith wears the all-white Nike Air Force 1, Mo Williams has on the all-red Nike Air Huarache, and Tristan Thompson sports the Valentino Rockrunner.

But James takes the cake with his high-end Air Jordans.

For those looking to get a pair, they can be purchased from Stadium Goods for roughly $550, depending on size, right now.

Image via Stadium Goods