LeBron James and Nike made headlines earlier this morning when it was announced that he had received a lifetime endorsement contract with the brand. The specifics of the deal are not currently known, but some information was just shared that shows James could be rolling in the dough.

Sam Amick, a reporter for USA Today who happens to an NBA insider, too, reports that, "I'm told by person w/ knowledge of financials that estimates of between $400 & $500 million are significantly low."

Amick goes on to say, "On annual earnings front, person w/ knowledge puts figure north of $30 million annually. It's a lifetime deal, & he's 30...years...old."

Whatever the dollar amount is going to be, it sounds like James is getting a massive contract. In comparison, Houston Rockets guard James Harden just signed a 13-year deal, which will net him $200M. Either way, James will get paid for his loyalty towards Nike.