Although few want to admit it, a lot of sneaker bloggers will engage in reselling under the right conditions. Since there’s not a ton of money for most in the profession, it’s important to use the perks that sneaker blogging does offer. Those perks are mostly just access to shoes. The ability to get rare shoes, along with a constant inflow of gifted products, means that sneaker bloggers often have more shoes than they could ever need—and sometimes more than they could ever want. For some, this cache of potential profit is just too lucrative to sit on, so they’ll let them go if the price is right.

This is not the main hustle for any sneaker blogger because it can work against the most important aspect of sneaker blogging: consistent, trusting relationships with brands and boutiques. But when a blogger has a rare pair sitting around that they just don’t want, it’s a nice way to pay a few bills.