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Sneaker violence knows no bounds, and this latest incident is proof that it can pop off any time, any place. 

Four students at Griffin High School in Griffin, Ga., have been suspended following a violent brawl in the school's bathroom. The fight, which was captured on camera, is said to have started over a pair of Air Jordans, as reported by CBS46.

Now, teenager Martinus Carr, who's allegedly seen in this clip snatching the shoes straight from a fellow student's feet, faces a felony robbery charge. Sole Collector points out that the sneakers appear to be a pair of "Laser" Jordan 1s.

"I do know my son was robbed and he was beaten, so there has to be something done about it," Shawanda Lockheart, the victim's mother, said. According to CBS46, the melee was a result of Lockheart's son being unfairly accused of stealing another student's sneakers. 

Lockheart was able to provide documentation proving that the sneakers in question belonged to her son, which was enough for police to slap Carr with a robbery charge.