Imagine your office surrounded by dozens and dozens of sneakers. And not just any regular sneakers, but fragment models and some of the most coveted kicks in the game.

This is Hiroshi Fujiwara's reality. In a recent Instagram post, the venerated designer and the "H" in HTM, shared a photo of his office. To most, the image shows nothing, but a cluttered space. But to the discerning eye of the sneakerhead, gems can be seen along the room's back wall. Housed in plain white cabinets are piles upon piles of sneakers. Though difficult to make out specifically, one can see several Air Jordan 1s and Air Force 1s, as well as several Nike boxes with some featuring those special SMU labels.

While many folks would dread having to work or deal with this mess, we're guessing that a majority of Fujiwara's fans and sneakerheads would gladly lend a helping hand.