He's at it again. After renaming several of his favorite pairs in our Complex Closets episode, DJ Khaled just took to his Snapchat for — you guessed it — another one.

This time around, Khaled's packing for the road, so he's bringing a lot of major keys to success which include a full lineup of exclusive "OVO" Air Jordans. As always, it's Khaled's hilarious nicknames that take the Snapchat story to the next level, so let's recap with all of the new names.

The gold "OVO" IIIs? Khaled says those are now the "Olympic Golds," or maybe the "Gold Medal," depending on when you catch him.

The "OVO" VIIIs are now the "You Wish You Had 'Em."

The "OVO" XIIs have been renamed "Stingray," which might actually be the most fitting name here.

Meanwhile, the "Drake vs. Lil Wayne" IIIs are now the "Iconic Tour" IIIs.

Finally, Drake's PE IIIs from the Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" video are the "Groundbreaker" IIIs.

Hopefully you're all caught up to speed now.