For many old school sneakerheads, vintage sneaker ads instantly take us back to our youth and memories of how badly we wanted our favorite athlete's latest and greatest sneaker.

Fast forward to today and while great advertising is still produced, many lack the timeless quality of vintage creations. Blame the proliferation of social media, the numerous ways of promoting product, or just the lack of emphasis on creating print driven material, sneaker ads just aren't the same.

Mbroidered, a graphic designer who just last week shared his vision of modern Nikes in 80s Nike ad campaigns, imagined what adidas advertisements of the past would have looked like if it featured Kanye West. In a story by Sole Collector, SC highlighted mbroidered's latest work including the ads that served as the inspiration for each piece. Can you guess which adidas sneakers were originally featured in each one? If not, head over to Sole Collector for the answers.